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What is Craniosacral therapy good for?

Craniosacral therapy is very good for releasing neck pain. Have you ever had limited range of motion in your neck? Craniosacral therapy can help. It is a very gentle form of bodywork. In order to release tension in the neck, I first place one hand under the body close to the heart and one hand on the chest area to help open up the diaphragm. I listen to the pulses in the cerebral spinal fluid and that let's me know how long to hold a position. After opening up the diaphragm, I place my hands on the back of the neck and slowly rotate the neck back and forth. This relaxes the neck and head and helps unwind the tightly bound fascia. After doing some relaxing neck techniques, my clients have more range of motion and less pain! Craniosacral is my favorite type of bodywork. It is so gentle, yet my clients get a lot of benefit from it! It calms the central nervous system and some of my clients fall asleep. They leave the session feeling rejuvenated and deeply relaxed!

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